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Alexander Giebler

Alexander Giebler
Current Position

since 10/12

Scientific-Technical Staff in the Department of Structural Change and Productivity

Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) – Member of the Leibniz Association


  • database analyses and statistics
  • patent data analyses
  • innovation indicators
  • record linkage

Alexander Giebler joined the Department of Structural Change and Productivity as a member of the scientific-technical staff in 2012. He is mainly responsible for the patent data and database analyses.

Alexander Giebler studied business informatics at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.



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Alexander Giebler
Alexander Giebler
Mitglied - Department Structural Change and Productivity
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Working Papers


Technological Activities in CEE Countries: A Patent Analysis for the Period 1980-2009

Iciar Dominguez Lacasa Alexander Giebler

in: IWH Discussion Papers , No. 2, 2014


The aim of this paper is to analyze the technological activities of Central and Eastern European (CEE) economies and to compare them with the technological activities of other world regions. Using data from the EPO World Wide Statistical Database for the period 1980-2009 the analysis is based on counts of priority patent applications over time. In terms of priority patent applications, CEE reduced its technological activities drastically in absolute and per capita terms after 1990. The level of priority patent applications in this world region maintained more recently a stable level below the performance of EU15, South EU and the former USSR. In what concerns technological specialization, the results suggest a division of labor in technological activities among world regions where Europe, Latin America and the former USSR are mainly specializing in sectors losing technological dynamism in the global patent activities (Chemicals and/or Mechanical Engineering) while North America, the Middle East (especially Israel) and Asia Pacific are increasingly specializing in Electrical Engineering, a sector with strong technological opportunities.

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