Africa – Commodity Dependence, Resource Curse and Export Diversification. African Development Perspectives Yearbook 2007, Vol. 12

This Volume 12 of the African Development Perspectives Yearbook deals - in the form of country cases and country units - with African countries' state of commodity dependence, their efforts for export diversification, and their vulnerability to crises and disasters. These problems are considered in the context of the continent's abundance of natural resources, especially the strategic oil resources. African countries' high dependency on a few primary export goods is one of the reasons for their vulnerability to conflicts. In this volume of the African Development Perspectives Yearbook, the focus is on the vulnerability of resource-rich, mainly oil-exporting, African countries. Strategies of export diversification, options how to overcome political instabilities that impede investment, and strategies how to work towards reconstruction and sustainable economic and political development are discussed by highlighting examples from various resource-rich countries. It is analysed how these countries can manage to escape from the primary commodities dilemma by pro-active economic policies and especially by solving political conflicts that have arisen from resource rent.

01. July 2007

Authors Tobias Knedlik Chicot Eboué Achim Gutowski Afeikhena Jerome Touna Mama Mareike Meyn Karl Wohlmuth

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