Ein Jahr nach der EU-Osterweiterung - Erste Erfahrungen, Probleme, Aussichten

The paper investigates possible employment effects of the EU-enlargement one year later. Special emphasis is put on the border regions to Poland and the Czeck Republic. Besides of legal restrictions the paper analyzes the possibilities of foreigners to work in Germany and to what extent these special regulations have been used. First preliminary results indicate that there are no large employment effects across both sides of the border. The paper concludes with a discussion of intended measures to protect German employees against competition from abroad.

15. May 2005

Authors Herbert S. Buscher Heiko Stüber

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Rezension Roland Verwiebe: Transnationale Mobilität innerhalb Europas

Herbert S. Buscher

in: Zukunftsforum Politik Nr. 67, 2005

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