Finanzierung kommunaler Aufgaben: Ökonomische Prinzipien, moderne Herausforderungen und institutionelle Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten

The publication is based on the economic principles for an efficient local public revenue system. The main part of the publication is examining the question how different categories of revenues (taxes, user fees, grants-in-aid) and different arrangements of these revenues are able to meet with these principles. In addition, it is asked for the implications of recent developments (demographic change; increasing importance of the competitiveness of cities) for the choice between different categories of revenues. Finally, it is discussed how it could be possible in countries like Germany – where the existing local public revenue system is quite far away from what is regarded as efficient – to come to an institutional change in the direction of a better way of financing the local level.

18. September 2009

Authors Martin T. W. Rosenfeld

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