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Doctoral Students

  • Annika Backes; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Tommaso Bighelli; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Hannes Böhm; Doctoral thesis project: "The Role of Idiosyncratic an Systematic Bank Risks during the Euro Crisis - Do Monetary Policy and Political Reforms Matter?"
  • Richard Bräuer; Doctoral thesis project: "Firm Level Drivers of Productivity Growth"
  • João Carlos Claudio; Doctoral thesis project: "Three Essays on Macroprudential Regulation and the Macroeconomy"
  • Sarah Fritz; Doctoral thesis project: Evaluation of Subsidy Programmes
  • Michael Ghisletti; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Mirja Hälbig; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Lisa Hölscher; Doctoral thesis project: "Workforce Composition, Employment Prospects, and Wages in Newly Founded Firms"
  • Aleksandr Kazakov; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Antonios Mavropoulos; Doctoral thesis project: "Individual Housing Decisions, Mortgage Supply and Housing Market Regulations"
  • William McShane; Doctoral thesis project: "The Competitive Effects of Financial Fragility"
  • Isabella Müller; Doctoral thesis project: "Trade Shocks and Financial Systems’ Resilience"
  • Georg Neuschäffer; Doctoral thesis project: "Productivity and Inequality"
  • Verena Plümpe; Doctoral thesis project: "Automation and Labour Market Outcomes"
  • Adrian Rodriguez; Doctoral thesis project: "Value Chain Lengths in a Globalized World"
  • Jan-Christopher Scherer; Doctoral thesis project: "Aggregate Investment Behaviour under Endogenous Capital Adjustment Decisions"
  • Alessandro Sardone; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Christoph Schult; Doctoral thesis project: "The Role of Energy Markets and Expectations in Dynamic General Equilibrium Models"
  • Eleonora Sfrappini; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Talina Sondershaus; Doctoral thesis project: "Unconventional Monetary Policy, Banks, and the Real Economy"
  • Ruben Staffa; Doctoral thesis project: "Developments During the Sovereign Debt Crisis: What Can We Learn from Textual Analysis?"
  • Moritz Stieglitz; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays on Banking and Financial Markets"
  • Konstantin Wagner; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays on Compensation, Wages and Human Capital"
  • Joschka Waibel; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays on Unethical Workplace Behaviour"
  • Eva Weigt; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays in Empirical Labour Economics"
  • Matthias Wieschemeyer; Doctoral thesis project: "The Effects of Market Integration Policies on Labor and Capital Mobility"
  • Anna Zherdeva; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Hua Zhou; Doctoral thesis project: tba



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Programme Director

Completed Dissertations

  • Stefan Gießler; Doctoral thesis project: "Three Essays in Empirical Macroeconomics and Financial Markets"
  • Dmitri Bershadskyy; Doctoral thesis project: "Experimental Analysis of the Relationship between Institution Stability and Population Heterogeneity" (2020)
  • Matthias Mertens: "The Effects of International Product Market Competition and Demand on Firm Productivity and Labor Market Power" (2020)
  • Felix Pohle: "Essays on Quantitative Macroeconomics of Labour Markets"
  • Kirsten Schmidt: "Four Essays on Banking Regulation and Monetary Policy"
  • Aida Ćumurović: "Essays on Behavioral Economics"
  • Chris Becker: "Essays in Financial Market Intervention"
  • Simon Melch: "Essays on the Effects of Inter-Municipal Cooperation on Local Public Service Delivery"
  • Helge Littke: "Central Bank Transparency and Financial Market Interaction" (2019)
  • Oliver Rehbein: "The Effects of Natural and Social Catastrophes on Financial Markets and the Real Economy" (2018)
  • Geraldine Dany-Knedlik: "The Great Recession and Its Effects on Monetary Policy: From Policy Transmission to Target Dynamics" (2018)
  • Carola Müller: "Four Essays on Financial Stability and Competition with Heterogeneous Banks" (2018)
  • Thomas Krause: "Financial Stability and the Housing Market" (2018)
  • Konstantin Kiesel: "Preparing the Soil to Make Economic Growth Sustainable: Insights into Human Capital Environment and Policy Measures" (2017)
  • Frieder Kropfhäußer: "Four Essays on the Association between Anthropometrics and Labor Market Outcomes" (2017)
  • Matias Ossandon Busch: "Financial Globalization and Multinational Banks in Emerging Countries: The Latin American Experience" (2017)
  • Manuel Buchholz: "Essays on the Stability and Regulation of International Financial Markets" (2016)
  • Andrej Drygalla: "Monetary and Fiscal Policy Analyses in Estimated DSGE Models" (2016)
  • Gregor von Schweinitz: "Modelling Macroeconomic Risk: The Genesis of the European Debt Crisis" (2013)

IWH Research Seminar Series

The IWH Research Seminar in Economics takes place on a Monday, 2:15 – 3:45 pm, during the lecture period.

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