MNEs and Regional R&D Co-operation: Evidence from Post-Transition Economies

The aim of this paper is to contribute to the literature by investigating the determinants of R&D co-operation between MNEs’ foreign subsidiaries and enterprises in the region of location, thereby leading to a better understanding which firm- and region-specific factors influence this co-operation behavior. Applying a logit model, this paper investigates which firm- and region-specific determinants influence technological cooperation between foreign subsidiaries and suppliers, customers, and research institutions in the region of location. Results suggest that especially the foreign subsidiary’s mandate in terms of R&D, its internal technological embeddedness, its technological capability but also the regional knowledge stock are positively associated with these co-operations. The analysis focuses on post-transition economies, using the example of five selected CEE countries and East Germany. We exploit a unique dataset - the IWH FDI Micro database - which holds information on 1,245 foreign subsidiaries in this region.

15. Dezember 2013

Autoren Andrea Gauselmann

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