Study programme

The course programme is a structured curriculum that provides doctoral students with an outstanding training in the fields related to the IWH Research Theme "From Transition to European Integration". The programme comprises mandatory Frontiers Courses in the core fields of economics and optional required Special Courses in selected fields.

In the Doctoral Research Seminar (DRS) series, students have opportunity to regularly present and advocate their research to a broader audience and to obtain advices and hints for future work. Credit points are granted for each activity. Doctoral students are encouraged and supported to present their work at research conferences and participate in external summer schools and to take advantage of international research visits. For external conference presentations, doctoral students do earn credit points, and summer schools may substitute for Special Courses.

Annual Course Programme

Year Frontiers in Microeconomics Frontiers in Macroeconomics Frontiers in Econometrics IWH Special Courses 1 Personal Qualification Workshops 2
2018 Short Course on the Econometric Methods to Estimate Causal Effects
Sascha O. Becker
University of Warwick
July 10-13, IWH
2017 Anke Kessler
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
August 22-25, IWH
Further Information
Winfried Koeniger
Swiss Institute for Empirical Economic Research, University of St. Gallen
30 October-November 3, IWH
Further Information
Peter Egger
ETH Zurich
February 13-17, IWH
Further Information
Topics in Empirical Corporate Finance
Professor Rüdiger Fahlenbrach (Swiss Finance Institute Lausanne)
November 13-16, IWH

Finance, Firm Dynamics and the Business Cycle: Theory and Empirical Evidence
Professor Andrea Caggese (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)
April 24–28, IWH
Presenting Scientific Papers
Constanze Armbrecht
October 17-18, IWH
2016 Zvika Neeman
Tel-Aviv University
September 19-22
Leipzig University
Further Information
Federico Ravenna
HEC Montreal
November 21-22 and
November 24-25,
Further Information
Martin Huber
University of Fribourg
August 30-September 2,
Further Information
Topics in Empirical Corporate Finance
Rüdiger Fahlenbrach
Swiss Finance Institute, Lausanne
July 11-14, IWH

Empirical Time Series Methods for Macroeconomic Analysis
Luca Gambetti
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
October 4-7, IWH
Presenting Scientific Papers
Constanze Armbrecht
May 24-25, IWH
2015 Henrik Lando
Copenhagen Business School
August 25-28,
OvGU Magdeburg
Further Information
Mathias Hofmann
University of Zürich
September 28-October 2,
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Further Information
Lutz Kilian
University of Michigan
November 9-12, IWH
Further Information
Bayesian Econometrics
Jesus Crespo-Cuaresma

Vienna University of
Economics and Business
January 21-23, IWH

History of Economics
Irwin Collier
FU Berlin
February 19-20 and
April 9-10, IWH


Winfried Koeniger
University of St. Gallen
March 30-April 2, IWH
2014 Anja Schöttner
University Konstanz
October 9-10 and
October 13-14, IWH
Further Information
Christophe Chamley
Boston University
July 21-24, ifo Dresden
Further Information
Mario Larch
University of Bayreuth
September 22-25,
TU Dresden
Further Information
Sascha O. Becker
University of Warwick
July 15-18, IWH

Scientific Writing
Lorraine Mannion
February 27-28, IWH

Presenting Scientific Papers
Constanze Armbrecht
October 29-30, IWH
2013 Juan Moreno-Ternero
Pablo de Olavide University, Seville
September 17-20, IWH
Further Information
Efrem Castelnuovo
Università degli Studi di Padova
September 9-13, IWH
Further Information
Jörg Breitung
University of Bonn
July 22-25,
University of Leipzig
Further Information
Michael Lechner
University of St. Gallen
October 7-9, IWH
2012 Anke S. Kessler
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby
August 20-22, TU Dresden
Further Information
Federico Ravenna
HEC Montreal
October 17-23,
MLU Halle-Wittenberg
Further Information
Bernd Süßmuth
University of Leipzig
September 20-21 and
October 8-9, IWH
Further Information
  Scientific Writing
Lorraine Mannion
October 11-12, IWH


1 Further special courses are offered by our CGDE partners.
2 Further personal qualification workshops are offered by InGrA.


Courses Organised Jointly with CGDE

Since 2008, courses in Frontiers in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics have been organized by CGDE partners. Only distinguished faculty with publications in top 30 journals are involved. They allow attracting distinguished researchers as lecturers from abroad by being organized as blocked courses and paying salaries customary in the market. In addition, an environment is created for intensive yet open discussions of cutting-edge research methods and approaches of general interest.


1. Semester

  • Frontiers Course 1 (6 credit points)
  • DRS presentation 1st exposé (2 credit points)

2. Semester 

  • Frontiers Course 2
  • Personal Qualification Workshop (2 credit points)
  • DRS presentation 2nd exposé (2 credit points)

3. Semester

  • Frontiers Course 3 (6 credit point)
  • Special Course – or summer school (4 credit points)

4. Semester

  • DRS presentation 1st paper (2 credit points)
  • Special Course – or summer school (4 credit points)

5. Semester

  • DRS presentation 2nd paper (2 credit points)

6. Semester

  • DRS presentation 3rd paper (2 credit points)
  • External conference presentation (2 credit points)
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