Comment on A. Bley's article on 'Monetary Aspects of European Eastern Enlargement and CEE participation in ERM and EMU'

Foreign subsidiaries of multinational companies are suggested as one of the main channels of technology transfer to less developed economies. In Central East Europe their presence proved to be a decisive factor to economic restructuring and development. This volume is a unique guide to theory, method of research, and empirical evidence for technology transfer via foreign subsidiaries of multinational companies. It combines the merits of a core text on technology transfer via FDI with up-to-date empirical evidence.

01. Dezember 2005

Autoren Johannes Stephan

Außerdem in diesem Heft

Theory and Review on the Latest Research on the Effects of FDI into Central East Europe

Björn Jindra

in: Technology Transfer via Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe. Theory, Method of Research and Empirical Evidence. Studies in Economic Transition. Series edited by J. Hölscher and H. Tomann, 2005

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