Das IWH auf der ASSA-Jahrestagung 2020 in San Diego

Die American Economic Association (AEA) organisiert vom 3. bis 5. Januar 2020 die jährlich stattfindende ASSA-Tagung in San Diego, Kalifornien. Diese IWH-Forscherinnen und -Forscher präsentieren ihre Arbeiten:


Oliver Holtemöller, Yanqun Zhang: AEA Session "Economic Inequality in Asia": International Trade and Income Distribution: Evidence from China

Thomas Krause, Neel U. Sukhatme: AEA Session "Female Leadership in Business and Politics": Do Women Mayors Enhance Patent Innovation?


Carola Engelke, Katja Heinisch, Christoph Schult: AEA Poster Session:
"How Forecast Accuracy Depends on Conditioning Assumptions"

Matias Ossandon Busch: AEA Poster Session
"Income Inequality and Capital Reallocation in the Presence of Financial Frictions"

Regulation, Risk, and Lending

Organisation and Chair: Michael Koetter 
Hosted by: International Banking, Economics, and Finance Association 



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