Firm Productivity Report

As we enter a second phase of the COVID-pandemic, in which we attempt to reopen economies and foster growth, investigating the efficiency and productivity of firms becomes essential if we wish to design the appropriate policies. The 2020 Flagship Firm Productivity report provides a comprehensive account of how productivity is changing –and what is driving those changes –in Europe, drawing from granular firm-level information.Although it was written before the crisis erupted, this report can therefore offer critical insights to current policymaking andprovides grounds for future research.

15. Mai 2020

Autoren Johannes Amlung Tommaso Bighelli Roman Blyzniuk Marco Christophori Jonathan Deist Filippo di Mauro Annalisa Ferrando Mirja Hälbig Peter Haug Sergio Inferrera Tibor Lalinsky Phillip Meinen Marc Melitz Matthias Mertens Ottavia Papagalli Verena Plümpe Roberta Serafini

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