Macroeconomic Policy Formation in Africa - General Issues

In Volume 16 with the title “Macroeconomic Policy Formation in Africa - General Issues“ new macroeconomic policy frameworks for Africa are discussed. Emphasis is on macroeconomic policies focusing on sustainable and inclusive growth, especially by considering the employment targeting of macroeconomic policy frameworks in Africa. The responses of the macroeconomic policymakers in Africa to the Euro crisis and to the recent globalization trends are reviewed and analyzed. The role of macroeconomic policies for generating sustainable and inclusive growth is also discussed. In Volume 16 also the economics of the “Arab Spring“ countries is analyzed, by focusing on the socioeconomic conditions and the economic policy factors that have led to the “Arab Spring“ events. Highlighted are the cases of Egypt and Tunisia, and the new strategic and policy frameworks in these countries after the democratic changes. An agenda for comprehensive policy reforms for the Arab countries in Africa is presented. In forthcoming Volume 17 with the title “Macroeconomic Policy Formation in Africa - Country Cases“ macroeconomic policies in African post-conflict countries and in the ECOWAS region are considered. Volume 17 contains also a section with Book Reviews and Book Notes.

03. März 2014

Autoren Karl Wohlmuth Achim Gutowski M. Kandil Tobias Knedlik O. O. Uzor

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