On Growing through Cycles: Matsuyama's M-map and Li-Yorke Chaos

Recent work of Gardini et al. (2008), building on earlier work of Mitra (2001) and Mukherji (2005), considers the so-called M-map that generates a dynamical system underlying Matsuyama’s (1999) endogenous growth model. We offer proofs of the fact that there do not exist 3- or 5-period cycles in the M-map, and an example (a numerical proof) of the existence of a 7-period cycle. We use the latter, and a construction in Khan and Piazza (2011), to identify a range of parameter values of the M-map that guarantee the existence of cycles of all periods, except 3 and 5. Our argumentation relies on, and reports, the first four iterations of the M-map that may have independent interest.

01. Januar 2018

Autoren Liuchun Deng M. Ali Khan

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Juniorprofessor Liuchun Deng, Ph.D.
Juniorprofessor Liuchun Deng, Ph.D.

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