asset price inflation

Most of the influential central banks managed to bring inflation down to a sustainable path in the last two decades. However, during the same time asset prices increased significantly. From the perspective of economic policy, this development might constitute a problem in the case that price increases are not due to changes in fundamentals but are of a speculative nature. During the current past the number of asset price bubbles increased. The aim of this contribution is to analyze policy options with regard to asset price inflation. We identify the relevant markets, discuss their specific price mechanisms, discuss transmission mechanisms, and the usefulness of monetary policy and alternative instruments to deal with asset price inflation. We show that, once asset price inflation is present, monetary policy can do little to stop processes of speculative bubbles. It is the more important that that alternatives are considered. These include the analysis of monetary conditions, a straight forward communication, better regulation, and a strengthening of institutions that allow for diversifying risks to handle the necessary structural changes with lowest possible economic costs.

01. July 2007

Authors Tobias Knedlik A. Knorr

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