Five Good Reasons for Becoming a Member of the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH)

The Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) - Member of the Leibniz Association - is a membership corporation and was founded on January 1, 1992. Since then the IWH is dedicated to economic research and scientifically based politico-economic consulting.

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Thereby, economic catching-up processes and the role of the financial systems for (re-)allocation of production factors as well as for facilitation of productivity and innovations are of central importance.

There are various good reasons for becoming a member of the IWH. The most important ones are summarized in the following:

  1. You get a subscription of our economic policy publications.
  2. You receive invitations to our main events and get the opportunity to connect with other members from different institutions.
  3. You can help link economy and science and support our efforts to create a beneficial environment for innovation and growth in Germany and in Europe.
  4. Your membership fee will support outstanding research and policy advice based on scientific analyses.
  5. You help us make the IWH an attractive employer for ambitious international young researchers.

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Who can be a member?

Both natural persons and legal entities can become a member of the IWH. Numerous members are already supporting the charitable objectives of the IWH e.V. which are focusing on the advancement of science and research.

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