The IWH scientific library is specialized in economics, corresponding to the Institute's research profile. The library stock contains especially literature on the transition and the integration of East Germany and Eastern Europe, including statistics.

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Classification and Stock

The IWH scientific library provides, supports and accompanies the research activities of the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) since its foundation in 1992.

It delivers comprehensive library services comprising the procurement, registration and lending of scientific journals, access to a multitude of electronic resources and scientific data as well as professional advice on related matters. The collection of the IWH scientific library is well known for its primary focus on topics ranging from the economic development of East Germany and Eastern Europe to the European economic integration. Seven main groups indicate the stock.

The classification serves as a key to organising the library stock and can be used as an effective research tool while navigating through the open access areas. It is similar to the economic classification of the STW Thesaurus for Economics and in addition has the special topic and group number 7 which stands for collections of economic literature about East Germany.

The library stock consists of about 77,000 media items, including monographs, periodicals, statistical surveys, and scientific data bases.

Classification (PDF) (only available in German)

Use and Services

The library’s entrance is on the ground floor of the IWH building at the Kleine Maerkerstrasse 8. On the ground floor there is also the reception and service counter, alphabetically organized journals, and IWH publications. An open access area with a variety of monographs as well as reading and working places is situated on the first floor. In the library, you will also find a multifunction copying machine/scanner and a PC for browsing the OPAC.

The following terms of lending apply to our user groups: Employees can borrow without time limit - in case no other user demands the media - and may establish a reference library during their occupation at IWH. For external users it is possible to use the media in the rooms of the library or to borrow them for up to four weeks. Detailed information can be found in our flyer and in the terms of use.

Terms of Use (PDF)

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