IWH Macrometer

Macroeconomic Database for the German Länder, East and West Germany

The data offered by the IWH Macrometer consists of two parts:

(1) interactive macro data


(2) IWH-indicators for East Germany.

Macro Data Interactive

This service provides time series from official publications (Statistisches Bundesamt (German Federal Statistical Office), Arbeitskreis Volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnungen der Länder (Regional Accounts), Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency)), which have been edited to be interactive and intuitively accessible. If available, the time series are accessible for:

  • Germany as a whole
  • East and West Germany
  • individual Länder


IWH-Indicators for East Germany

These time series were collected or estimated by the IWH. They include:

  • the results of the IWH Industry and Construction Surveys conducted in East Germany
  • an estimate for the quarterly trend of the GDP of East Germany
  • an estimate for the quarterly trend of the GDP of Saxony-Anhalt

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Sources: Working group Regional Accounts (Arbeitskreis VGR der Länder); working group‚ Erwerbstätigenrechnung des Bundes und der Länder‘; Federal Statistical Office: updates on annual population statistics, accessed via ‚genesis online‘; calculations by the IWH. The use of this data is only permitted for non-commercial purposes with reference to the sources.

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Here you can find the explanations of the following expressions:

  1. Gross domestic product
  2. Population and labour market
  3. Stock of fixed assets
  4. Income and savings
  5. Aggregate demand
  6. Branches of economy


The IWH publishes the macroeconomic data and indicators for East Germany in the following publication series:

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