About the IWH Doctoral Programme in Economics

The IWH Doctoral Programme in Economics (IWH-DPE) is a rigorous structured four-year PhD programme with a two-year course phase.

In the first year, students are expected to complete a sequence of courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. In the second year, specialized courses are offered in the chosen field of the student. After completion, doctoral students are equipped with strong economic foundations and have a broad overview of various economic research areas.

IWH provides an excellent environment for students with interests in economic policy, who want to enter the international academic job market. All doctoral students are allocated to one of the four research departments (Financial Markets – Laws, Regulations and Factor Markets – Macroeconomics – Structural Change and Productivity) and work closely with leading senior researchers in their field from day one of the programme.

IWH-DPE Applications

We encourage outstanding students with a master degree in economics or related fields, such as mathematics, statistics, business administration, accounting, and finance, to apply for admission.

Questions concerning the application procedure?

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