IWH Research Network in Economics (IWH-ReNEc)

The Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) conducts its research projects in cooperation with external researchers.

The IWH Research Network in Economics (IWH-ReNEc) provides a framework for such cooperation.

  • Guest Researchers conduct research on fields closely related to IWH research topics. Guest Researchers are invited to visit the IWH for three to five days in a row, to present and discuss their research together with IWH researchers. The main purpose of these visits is to establish new impetuses for IWH research and explore future joint research possibilities.
  • Research Affiliates are experts in a field of research that is part of the IWH research agenda. They work together with IWH researchers on projects included in the IWH research program, visit IWH for this purpose and publish joint articles together with IWH researchers. The IWH also seeks to invite two or more Research Affiliates simultaneously, to enable them to discuss their research mutually and work together.
  • Research Professors are distinguished experts in important areas of IWH research. They discuss research and publication strategies with IWH project leaders, supervise IWH doctoral students and may contribute to current research projects. They help further intensify and develop IWH-ReNEc and participate in additional activities, including joint workshops or conferences.
  • IWH Alumni are researchers who have formerly been IWH staff members, Research Affiliates or Research Professors.

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