Equal Opportunities at IWH

IWH commits to actively promoting equal opportunities for men and women, going beyond already existing guidelines. In 2013, 2016, 2019, and again in 2022 the Halle Institute for Economic Research – Member of the Leibniz Association earned a Total E-Quality Award (TEQ).

In its decision, the jury acknowledged the diverse measures the institute has implemented to ensure the compatibility of work and family life and provide a fair and cooperative work environment.

Flyer (in German) – PDF, 700 kB

IWH Gender Equality Plan – PDF, 200 kB

Gender Equality

The Halle Institute for Economic Research actively pursues gender equality policies to improve the career opportunities for women in science and increase in the proportion of women working in specialist and management positions.

Key Measures:

Protection against Discrimination, Workplace Bullying and Sexual Harassment

The Halle Institute for Economic Research advocates and insists on a fair and cooperative work environment. Our company agreement "Partnerschaftliches Verhalten" provides detailed information about complaint officers, persons of trust, complaint management and possible sanctions.

Your Contact Persons

Equal Opportunities Officer: Franziska Exß
Deputy: Dr. Katja Heinisch
Diversity Representative: Andrea Strauch
Equal Opportunities Team: Doreen Schettler
Person of Trust: Tobias Henning
Works Council: Matthias Brachert

Equal Opportunities Working Group (AKC) of the Leibniz Association

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