Daseinsvorsorge und demographischer Wandel in peripheren Räumen. Wie gehen die Betroffenen mit dem Ausdünnen sozialer Infrastruktur um?

The article is part of a booklet edited by the Centre for Science Saxony-Anhalt - the Expert Platform “Demographic Change”. The booklet provides an overview on 15 research projects funded by the ministry of education of Saxony Anhalt. The IWH project analyzes aspects of demographic change in peripheral regions by means of Saxony Anhalt. In particular, the IWH research focus is on how citizens in peripheral regions will behave if the provision with social services of public interest is reduced. The article provides findings on the impact of primary schools closures on demographic change.

02. November 2011

Authors Ulrich Blum Gerhard Heimpold Walter Hyll Franziska Jungermann Lutz Schneider

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