Does East Germany need a new technology policy? – Implications from the functioning of the R&D market after the transformation

Technology policy is a major part of government's efforts in contributing to East Ger-many's economic recovery. However, even a decade after unification East Germany does not produce sufficient technology goods. Thus, the question is whether technology policy is either not suitable or inefficient in tackling East Germany's deficits. A special technology policy for East Germany is justified by the lack of regional networks for technology firms; without a compensating policy East Germany would continue to lag behind West Germany also with respect to incomes. Yet only a few of the policy in-struments applied so far are efficiently dealing with these deficits. Thus, a future technology policy for East Germany should – mainly by the supply of R&D-infrastructure – support implementation of these kinds of networks.

01. June 2001

Authors Ralf Müller

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