Emissionsrechtemanagement mit dem „CO2-Navigator“

The emission rights management module of the software package “CO2-Navigator“ is a corporate emissions rights management instrument designed to provide an overview of the allocation and transactions of CO2 emission allowances at any time of the calendar year. During the acquisition, the relevant dates, quantities and prices are collected. The daily updated inventory of allowances is also reported. Based on the current state of the emissions from an installation, an estimate of the allowance coverage for the balance sheet day of the current year is realized, using an emission profile characteristic for the firm. Here, a possible under- or over- coverage is graphically illustrated and quantified. The module is thus a useful tool in the risk management process of emission intensive companies. A possible subsequent investment analysis, e. g. a stochastic investment planning, builds on the data supplied by this module. This paper describes the motivation and technical conception of this instrument.

15. December 2011

Authors Wilfried Ehrenfeld

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