Interactive Dynamic Capabilities and Regenerating the East German Innovation System

The paper sets out a specification of capabilities and competencies derived from Sen’s work on consumer capabilities and welfare economics. This approach is one that proves remarkably easy to generalise, first to producer and supplier capabilities, and thence to interactive and dynamic capabilities. The approach is then applied via the consequential perspectives of regional systems of innovation and network alignment to the case of the efforts to regenerate the innovation system in East Germany since reunification. It is seen that this process can be divided into three periods, of which the most recent appears to meet some of the theoretical requirements for effective interactive capabilities. It is less clear that the criteria for dynamic capabilities—which involve considerations of speed-up and flexibility, to meet the market requirements in real time—have yet been taken sufficiently seriously.

01. May 2010

Authors N. von Tunzelmann Jutta Günther Katja Wilde Björn Jindra

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