Annika Backes

Annika Backes
Current Position

since 4/20

Economist in the Department of Structural Change and Productivity

Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) – Member of the Leibniz Association

Research Interests

  • political economy
  • education economics

Annika Backes joined the Department of Structural Change and Productivity as a doctoral student in April 2020. Her research focuses on education economics and political economy.

Annika Backes received her bachelor's and master's degree from Leipzig University. She also spent a semester at Keio University in Japan.

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Annika Backes
Annika Backes
- Department Structural Change and Productivity
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Import Shocks and Voting Behavior in Europe Revisited

Annika Backes Steffen Müller

in: European Journal of Political Economy, June 2024


We provide first evidence for the long-run causal impact that Chinese imports to European regions had on voting outcomes and revisit earlier estimates of the short-run impact for a methodological reason. The fringes of the political spectrum gained ground many years after the China shock plateaued and, unlike an earlier study by Colantone and Stanig (2018b), we do not find any robust evidence for a short-run effect on far-right votes. Instead, far-left and populist parties gained in the short run. We identify persistent long-run effects of import shocks on voting. These effects are biased towards populism and, to a lesser extent, to the far-right.

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