Richard Bräuer, PhD

Richard Bräuer, PhD
Current Position

since 10/15

Economist in the Department of Structural Change and Productivity

Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) – Member of the Leibniz Association

Research Interests

  • applied microeconometrics
  • firm productivity
  • innovation

Richard Bräuer joined the Department of Structural Change and Productivity in October 2015. His research focuses on innovation and productivity at firm level as well as the aggregate effects.

Richard Bräuer received his bachelor's and master's degree from LMU Munich. He received his PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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Richard Bräuer, PhD
Richard Bräuer, PhD
Mitglied - Department Structural Change and Productivity
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Import Competition and Firm Productivity: Evidence from German Manufacturing

Richard Bräuer Matthias Mertens Viktor Slavtchev

in: World Economy, forthcoming


Abstract We study how different types of import competition affect firm productivity using firm-product data from German manufacturing (2000-2014). Competition from high-income countries causes affected domestic firms to increase their productivity and lower their prices. Oppositely, import competition from low-wage countries does not lead to firm productivity gains. Instead, domestic firms' sales and input usage decline. Our findings confirm the intuition of ladder models that the effect of competition depends on the "closeness" of competitors. They are in line with widespread X-inefficiencies throughout the economy, which firms reduce in response to competition from high-income countries.

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