Vocational Training at IWH

At the Halle Institute for Economic Research the state approved profession Specialist in media and information services (m/f) [library] is qualified.


The vocational training is performed in a dual system which means you are instructed both in a professional school and in the company or institute.

Details and Process of Vocational Training

The vocational education part in the company takes place at the specialized library for economics of the institute. The own in-house library mainly serves as a source of specific media and information to the institute's scientists but is also publicly available as well as organized in the Common Library Network (GVB).

In this environment with complementary internships the vocational education is completed. The main activities of a Specialist in media and information service include procuring, preparing, sourcing and making available media, information and data and advising and attending to the needs of customers and users.

This means:

  • Co-create your vocational training actively
  • Acquire media-competence
  • Provide media and information
  • Inform and guide users
  • Work at the stock
  • Field specialized indexing of media and information

Vocational School:

Full-time blocks four times a year.

Duration of the vocational training:

3 years, but shortening the training to two years is possible if certain requirements are fulfilled.

Perspectives after apprenticeship

  • Work at a city- or administration library, public administration, university or museum or business library
  • Field of work: stock care
  • Further training: e.g. business administrator
  • Study
  • Self-employment: e.g. Info-Broker or other information- and documentation services


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