IWH launches new logo and corporate design

At the turn of the year, the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) – Member of the Leibniz Association launches a new corporate design. A central starting point for this is a new logo which shares characteristic elements of the old logo and reinterprets them.

IWH President Reint E. Gropp welcomes the relaunch as an important part of the institute’s public standing: “We wanted to complement the re-focus of the IWH’s research profile with a fresher, more dynamic corporate design. I think the design underlines the dynamic development of the institute on a visual level.”

Recognisable and modernised

The new corporate design was created by the design agency Heimrich & Hannot. Besides a new logo and a variety of communication tools as flyers and business cards, it also includes the redesign of all IWH publications. To ensure some continuity of the institute’s visual identity, the main features of the old logo including the diagonal alignment and the arrow-shaped triangles were maintained. The typographical short form IWH is now aligned horizontally; the typeface is stronger and makes more of a visual statement. The logo symbolises the dynamics and development of economic processes and gives a solid foundation to the whole brand. This is accompanied by well-balanced proportions which, in different sizes, guarantee a good presentation.

Whom to contact

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IWH list of experts

The IWH list of experts provides an overview of IWH research topics and the researchers and scientists in these areas. The relevant experts for the topics listed there can be reached for questions as usual through the IWH Press Office.

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