RegDemo: Preparation and Merger of Actor Data – Technical Documentation of Routines and Datasets

Primary objective of the presented routines is the mapping of cooperative relations of companies, universities, non-university research facilities and other institutions on three levels of innovation activity (joint projects; publications, patents). This includes a) the standardization and merging of the three innovation-related databases (funding catalog (“Förderkatalog”); Web of Knowledge; DPMA patents) and b) linking this combined data pool with the data from the institution data sets Amadeus and Research Explorer by means of record linkage procedures. For this project the merger comprises the six regions considered in the RegDemo project. Spatial planning regions (“Raumordnungsregionen”) are used for delimitation: 501 - Aachen; 513 - Siegen; 602 - Nordhessen (= “Kassel”); 1302 – Mittleres Mecklenburg/Rostock (= “Rostock”); 1401 - Oberes Elbtal/Osterzgebirge (= “Dresden”); 1504 - Magdeburg.

14. October 2015

Authors Wilfried Ehrenfeld

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