A Panel Data Analysis on China's Intra-Industry Trade in the Capital Goods Sector

This paper adopts the Hausman-Taylor 2SLS error components approach in estimating the determinants of China's Intra-Industry Trade (IIT) in the capital goods sector with its 26 partner countries. It disaggregates IIT into horizontal IIT (HIIT) and vertical IIT (VIIT). Capital goods final products and intermediates are separately estimated in order to reveal the differentiated trade patterns. It finds that economic similarity is very significantly negatively correlated with the intermediates IIT, but to a less extent correlated with the final products IIT. Factor endowment is of no significance in determining IIT in the intermediates, although it is significantly positively correlated with the final products IIT. Economic size is significantly negatively correlated with both final products and intermediates IIT. Distance is not yet dead in impacting the level of final products IIT, but of less importance in influencing the intermediates IIT. China is exchanging intermediates in a less intraindustry manner with ASEAN nations. However, because VIIT is dominating TIIT, no significant differences exist between the estimation results of TIIT and VIIT.

30. November 2009

Authors Yiping Zhu

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