Determinants of Academic-Industry Linkages and Incubator-internal Cooperation Patterns of Incubator Firms: Empirical Evidence from Germany

The article examines cooperation patterns of firms located in German business incubators (BIs) and technology centers. Based on cross-sectional data, the study explores the network activities within the tenant portfolio and the academic-industry linkages of the tenant firms. In this respect, we contribute to the literature on the impact of business incubation by explicitly considering differences regarding cooperation patterns between diversified and specialized incubator facilities. Contrary to common assumptions, we do not find a higher propensitiy for incubator-internal cooperation activities for firms located in specialized BIs. However, firms located in specialized BIs show significantly higher propensity to engage in academic-industry linkages compared to firms located in diversified incubators.

28. January 2009

Authors Michael Schwartz Christoph Hornych

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