EFN Report Winter 2011/12: Economic Outlook for the Euro Area in 2012 and 2013

At the end of 2011, prospects for the world are clouded. The main cause for concern is that the euro area crisis of confidence has not reached its peak yet. It is doubtful whether Italian and Spanish debt service would be sustainable if yields stay at these levels for long. Even more critical are the financing conditions for European banks whose standing crucially depends on the valuation of the sovereign bonds they own. This uncertainty will continue inducing firms and households to postpone decisions on spending and investment, and fiscal policy will dampen demand further. Besides, financial conditions are also bound to deteriorate in most member countries. Moreover, weak demand from advanced economies is dampening the expansion in exportoriented emerging markets countries (in East-Asia, but also in Latin America). As a consequence, both our forecasts for the euro area exports and industrial production have been revised downwards.

20. December 2011

Authors European Forecasting Network

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