Entwicklung des Fachkräftebedarfs in Thüringen bis 2015

On behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Technology, and Labor, the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH) has conducted a survey of current labor market conditions in Thuringia. We forecast changes in labor demand within occupation groups in the period 2009-2015. According to our predictions, 80 000 additional workers are required both to replace older workers reaching retirement age and to accommodate industrial growth resulting from structural change. While the size of the working-age population will be large enough to meet this demand, there is a risk of occupational mismatch and lack of labor market integration of certain groups. In this context we devise policy recommendations. In addition, we present results of a survey of approximately 1 000 Thuringian companies. Interviews were conducted by IWH in the summer of 2008 and cover topics on previous and future staffing policy. The questionnaire focuses on companies’ strategies to meet their demand for skilled labor and their evaluation of potential measures in the fields of education, labor market, and economic policy.

05. August 2009

Authors Herbert S. Buscher Eva Dettmann Christian Schmeißer Dirk Trocka Marco Sunder

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