EU 2020 – Impulse für die Post-Lissabonstrategie. Internationale Politikanalyse

The Lisbon Strategy was not successful in making the EU the most dynamic and knowledge based economy of the world. A reason for this failure was that it proposed a narrow combination of supply-side reforms and competitive economic policy so that it did not appreciate a balanced policy mix. The follow up “EU 2020” strategy should foremost envisage a different concept of growth with a reference to quality and sustainability. Social productivity in Europe can only be attained if economic integration has the same value as ecologic and social aims. This paper was supplied to the EU Commission hearings of the EU 2020 strategy.

01. March 2010

Authors Fischer S. S. Gran B. Hacker A. P. Jakobi S. Petzold Toralf Pusch P Steinberg

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