Germany’s “Bazaar-economy” After the Financial and Economic Crisis

Because of its huge dependence on the world markets, Germany’s economy was strongly hit by the financal and economic crisis in 2008/2009. Applying the input-output model, the paper deals with the net-impact of the export shock on value added and employment in Germany.

02. January 2018

Authors Hans-Ulrich Brautzsch Udo Ludwig

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Statistical presentation of international trade in the course of German unification

Udo Ludwig Klaus Voy

in: Klaus Voy (Ed.): Außenhandel und Globalisierung in gesamtwirtschaftlicher Sicht. Marburg: Metropolis, 2018


How did the German unification influence the development and the statistical presentation of he contemporary trade of the eastern and western part of Germany? The parallel presentation oft he regional gross domestic products and their demand components is he only way, to describe adequate the flow of goods and between both the two parts of the German economy as well as with the rest of the world.

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