“Gleichwertigkeit der Lebensverhältnisse“ zwischen Politik und Marktmechanismus: Zusammenfassende Bewertung der Befunde und Schlussfolgerungen für regionale Entwicklungsstrategien

The principle of „Interregional Equality“ enjoys general acceptance today in Germany. However, there is a great deal of discusssion and heated debate regarding the „correkt“ interpretation of this principle and the „correct“ means for achieving it. This ist the background against which the article is evaluating the evidence from existing empirical studies on different aspects of „Interregional Equality“. It is shown that, in Germany, there is much more euqality between the cities and regions than one would expect by only looking at indicators which are derived from the official statistics. Most impressive is the fact that in many cases, there are mechanisms, driven by the market forces, which are leading to an equalization between the wealthier cities and regions and the poorer ones.

01. March 2010

Authors Martin T. W. Rosenfeld

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