Möglichkeiten für Vollbeschäftigungspolitik im Rahmen des Europäischen Makroökonomischen Dialogs

A decade after its introduction the European Monetary Union is no more undisputed. While a successful record regarding price stability cannot be doubted, the EMU still suffers from high unemployment – not only related to the Financial Crisis. In this contribution we want to cast light on the question how this might be related to a dismal mix of wage policy and monetary policy. Taking a consideration of the European Macroeconomic Dialogue as a starting point, we develop a game theoretic model which can explain different macroeconomic alternatives. As a result we present a reputation equilibrium which would make full employment and price stability compatible and does not rest on overriding the actors’ independence.

20. December 2010

Authors Toralf Pusch A. Heise

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