New fields of application for the input-output analysis in Germany - Contributions to the Input-Output Workshop 2002 in Halle

Centrepiece of the discussion is the employment-orientated evaluation of large scale Investments. The analysis is based on the static open Input-Output-Model. For both, industrial as well as construction projects, the direct and indirect employment effects at the construction as well as the utilization stage are being estimated and combined with the multiplier effect caused by the created income. Finally, the discussion concludes by evaluating the employment effects of the necessary reconstruction efforts after the flood in summer 2002.

16. June 2003

Authors IWH

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Gesamtwirtschaftliche Beschäftigungswirkungen von Großinvestitionen

Hans-Ulrich Brautzsch Udo Ludwig

in: IWH-Sonderhefte, No. 4, 2003

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