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This service provides time series from official publications (Statistisches Bundesamt [German Federal Statistical Office], Arbeitskreis Volkswirtschaftliche Gesamtrechnungen der Länder [Regional Accounts], Bundesagentur für Arbeit [Federal Employment Agency]), which have been edited to be interactive and intuitively accessible.

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The components of the national accounts are currently presented in accordance with the applied regulations of the European System of Accounts 1995 (ESVG/ESA 1995 – WZ 2008). If available, the time series are accessible for:

  • Germany as a whole
  • East and West Germany
  • individual Länder

The database includes the following time series:

1 Gross domestic product


1.1 GDP at current prices: absolute, per capita, per worker, per hour worked

1.2 GDP at prices of 2005: absolute, per capita, per worker, per hour worked

2 Population and labour market


2.1 Inhabitants

2.2 Labour force

2.3 Total employment

2.4 Employees

2.5 Self-employed persons and self-employment rate

2.6 Commuter balance (net flows of commuters)

2.7 Volume of work and annual working hours per worker

2.8 Total and relative unemployment

3 Stock of fixed assets


3.1 Gross stock of fixed assets at replacement cost

3.2 Capital-labour ratio

3.3 Capital productivity

3.4 Degree of modernisation

4 Income and saving


4.1 Primary income

4.2 Disposable income

4.3 Savings rate of private households

5 Aggregate demand

5.1 Change in private consumption, public consumption and gross fixed capital formation in real terms

5.2 Share of private consumption, public consumption, gross fixed capital formation and domestic demand as a whole in the GDP

6 Branches of economy



Working group Regional Accounts (Arbeitskreis VGR der Länder); working group ‚Erwerbstätigenrechnung des Bundes und der Länder‘; Federal Statistical Office: updates on annual population statistics, accessed via ‚genesis online‘; calculations by the IWH.

The use of this data is only permitted for non-commercial purposes with reference to the sources.

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