Macroeconomic Reports

Local and global: IWH regularly provides current economic data - be it about the state of the East German economy, the macroeconomic development in Germany or economic forecasts for the Euro area and the world.

Joint Economic Forecast

The joint economic forecast is an instrument for evaluating the overall economic situation and development in Germany, the euro area and the rest of the world. To the joint economic forecast...

Economic Forecasts

IWH regularly generates various economic forecasts for the global economy, the euro area and the German economy for the ongoing and following year. To the forecasts... (German)

IWH Flash Indicator

The IWH Flash Indicator is a forecasting tool which provides early information on economic development. To the indicator... (German)


Der IWH-Tarif-Check stellt die realen Auswirkungen von Tarifabschlüssen auf die Einkommen der Beschäftigten dar. Zum Tarif-Check...

Reports of the European Forecasting Network (EFN)

EFN is a group of macroeconomic experts from different European research institutions. To the reports...

IWH Economic Barometer for East Germany

The IWH has developed a quarterly output method for determining East Germany's GDP. To the barometer... (German)

Monitoring of Business Cycles for the Land Saxony-Anhalt

This data was generated by IWH on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, Science and Digitalisation from 2007 to 2015. To the reports... (German)

Firm Surveys

From 1993 until 2017, the IWH conducted regular surveys among a fixed group of firms in the manufacturing and construction industry to collect individual data on economic activity. To the surveys... (German)

Macro Data Download

On this page, you will find long time series of macroeconomic data provided by IWH for download. To the time series...

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