Application for data access at the IWH Research Data Centre
- The terms of use of the RDC-IWH apply (

- The data may only be used for non-commercial research purposes.

- If there is no scientific use file (SUF) available, data may only be accessed on IWH premises.

- Work at the Research Data Centre is to be carried out according to good scientific practice (documentation including source references, traceability, methodology, data protection). This includes a documentation of all data preparation steps, which are to be documented in such a way that third parties can reproduce the obtained results completely and accurately. All programmes used over the course of the project are to be called up from a superordinate master file. The execution of the master file produces all project results. A backup of this documentation remains with the IWH Research Data Centre.

- Upon completion of the research project all data are to be irrevocably deleted from all storage media or transmitted to the IWH Research Data Centre for storage.

It is expressly pointed out that data access is granted at the discretion of the IWH and can therefore be unilaterally terminated if an objective reason exists (scientific misconduct, termination or modification of user agreements with data providers).
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