Cities and Regions in Locational Competition – New Tendencies, Effects and Policy Consequences

Due to ongoing globalisation tendencies and the increasing intensity of exchanges of information, goods and services, competition between regions seems likely to continue to intensify. Numerous changes in framework conditions also give rise to new approaches to planning and management. These range from various types of competition to questions relating to new strategies for regional and urban development policy. This volume uses various different issues to trace, order and specify the multiple dimensions and underlying causes of structural changes in competition between locations, supported by cross-sectional studies primarily based on existing investigations. As empirical proof of the concrete consequences of changed competitive conditions is largely lacking in the existing literature, explorative case-studies of chosen cities and regions are also used to investigate the extent to which changes expected to arise from new structures of locational competition can be verified and how the political actors responsible have reacted thus far.

19. February 2013

Authors Albrecht Kauffmann Martin T. W. Rosenfeld

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