Vergleich der Weiterbildungsaktivitäten von Arbeitslosen und Vollzeiterwerbstätigen

Many empirical studies consider either training activities of the unemployed or training activities of the employees in Germany. However, a comprehensive comparison of both groups is missing. The paper closes this gap. Using data of the latest time use survey (Zeitbudgeterhebung) of the Federal Statistical Office, the amount of training is compared for both groups. Furthermore, it is described which types of activities are made use of in particular. Heterogeneity due to different relevant socioeconomic characteristics in the two groups is eliminated by the appliance of a matching procedure. Findings demonstrate that only 49% of the unemployed persons participate in any kind of training activities off the job. In case of the full-time employment 59 % would take part. Concerning the average expenditure of time per week the difference turns around, i.e. the expenditure of time is higher during unemployment. However, a high proportion of the training activities of the unemployed falls upon general training, e.g. by reading books or watching TV. Furthermore, the result is driven by a different potential of time that can be used for training activities off the job. Relating to this potential of time the amount of training activities is still lower during unemployment.

17. September 2007

Authors Birgit Schultz Joachim Wilde

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