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"Working on my doctoral dissertation at the IWH was an enriching experience both at the scientific and personal level. For instance, it helped me to further develop my analytical skills, which are also very useful in my current job."

Dr Manuel Buchholz, Deutsche Bundesbank, Financial Stability Department, Frankfurt am Main, Germany – DPE Graduate 2016


"The IWH-DPE not only enables specialisation in a particular field of economics, but also the development of an international network in this field. It thus lays important cornerstones for a career after the doctorate."

Dr Geraldine Dany-Knedlik, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) – DPE Graduate 2018


"The IWH-DPE provides a well-balanced course programme, high-quality supervision, ample opportunities for the exchange of ideas, a large international network, financial support and a great working environment at the IWH – in short, everything that is needed for a successful career in academics."

Dr Gregor von Schweinitz, Assistant Professor for Economics, esp. Quantitative Macroeconomics at the University Leipzig, Germany – DPE Graduate 2013

"I think back on my time at IWH quite fondly. Those years were foundational in shaping my academic career. Close contact with faculty members and post-doctoral candidates, frequent conferences, internal seminars, and guest speakers, high research standards, access to a huge variety of datasets, as well as a deeply scientific culture create an intellectually stimulating environment and make IWH a perfect institute for doctoral students to learn rigorous academic research."

Vahid Saadi, PhD, Assistant Professor of Finance, IE Business School, Madrid, Spain



Doctoral Students

  • Afroza Alam; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Annika Backes; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Tommaso Bighelli; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays on Firms and Market Performance in the Global Economy"
  • Hannes Böhm; Doctoral thesis project: "The Role of Idiosyncratic an Systematic Bank Risks During the Euro Crisis - Do Monetary Policy and Political Reforms Matter?"
  • Richard Bräuer; Doctoral thesis project: "Firm Level Drivers of Productivity Growth"
  • João Carlos Claudio; Doctoral thesis project: "Three Essays on Macroprudential Regulation and the Macroeconomy"
  • Jonathan Deist; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Sarah Fritz; Doctoral thesis project: "Evaluation of Subsidy Programmes"
  • Michael Ghisletti; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Alexandra Gutsch; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Mirja Hälbig; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Nils Torben Hollandt; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Lisa Hölscher; Doctoral thesis project: "Workforce Composition, Employment Prospects, and Wages in Newly Founded Firms"
  • Aleksandr Kazakov; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Antonios Mavropoulos; Doctoral thesis project: "Individual Housing Decisions, Mortgage Supply and Housing Market Regulations"
  • William McShane; Doctoral thesis project: "The Competitive Effects of Financial Fragility"
  • Isabella Müller; Doctoral thesis project: "Trade Shocks and Financial Systems’ Resilience"
  • Georg Neuschäffer; Doctoral thesis project: "Productivity and Inequality"
  • Verena Plümpe; Doctoral thesis project: "Automation and Labour Market Outcomes"
  • Alexander Reifschneider; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Alessandro Sardone; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Christoph Schult; Doctoral thesis project: "The Role of Energy Markets and Expectations in Dynamic General Equilibrium Models"
  • Eleonora Sfrappini; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays in Financial Economics and Financial Stability”
  • Talina Sondershaus; Doctoral thesis project: "Unconventional Monetary Policy, Banks, and the Real Economy"
  • Ruben Staffa; Doctoral thesis project: "Developments During the Sovereign Debt Crisis: What Can We Learn from Textual Analysis?"
  • Moritz Stieglitz; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays on Banking and Financial Markets"
  • Konstantin Wagner; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays on Compensation, Wages and Human Capital"
  • Joschka Waibel; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays on Unethical Workplace Behaviour"
  • Anna Zherdeva; Doctoral thesis project: tba
  • Hua Zhou; Doctoral thesis project: tba



Spokesperson of Doctoral Students

IWH Mediator

Programme Manager

Programme Director

Completed Dissertations

  • Matthias Wieschemeyer; Doctoral thesis project: "The Effects of Market Integration Policies on Labor and Capital Mobility"
  • Eva Weigt; Doctoral thesis project: "Essays in Empirical Labour Economics"
  • Jan-Christopher Scherer; Doctoral thesis project: "Aggregate Investment Behaviour under Endogenous Capital Adjustment Decisions"
  • Stefan Gießler; Doctoral thesis project: "Three Essays in Empirical Macroeconomics and Financial Markets"
  • Dmitri Bershadskyy; Doctoral thesis project: "Experimental Analysis of the Relationship between Institution Stability and Population Heterogeneity" (2020)
  • Matthias Mertens: "The Effects of International Product Market Competition and Demand on Firm Productivity and Labor Market Power" (2020)
  • Felix Pohle: "Essays on Quantitative Macroeconomics of Labour Markets"
  • Kirsten Schmidt: "Four Essays on Banking Regulation and Monetary Policy"
  • Aida Ćumurović: "Essays on Behavioral Economics"
  • Chris Becker: "Essays in Financial Market Intervention"
  • Simon Melch: "Essays on the Effects of Inter-Municipal Cooperation on Local Public Service Delivery"
  • Helge Littke: "Central Bank Transparency and Financial Market Interaction" (2019)
  • Oliver Rehbein: "The Effects of Natural and Social Catastrophes on Financial Markets and the Real Economy" (2018)
  • Geraldine Dany-Knedlik: "The Great Recession and Its Effects on Monetary Policy: From Policy Transmission to Target Dynamics" (2018)
  • Carola Müller: "Four Essays on Financial Stability and Competition with Heterogeneous Banks" (2018)
  • Thomas Krause: "Financial Stability and the Housing Market" (2018)
  • Konstantin Kiesel: "Preparing the Soil to Make Economic Growth Sustainable: Insights into Human Capital Environment and Policy Measures" (2017)
  • Frieder Kropfhäußer: "Four Essays on the Association between Anthropometrics and Labor Market Outcomes" (2017)
  • Matias Ossandon Busch: "Financial Globalization and Multinational Banks in Emerging Countries: The Latin American Experience" (2017)
  • Manuel Buchholz: "Essays on the Stability and Regulation of International Financial Markets" (2016)
  • Andrej Drygalla: "Monetary and Fiscal Policy Analyses in Estimated DSGE Models" (2016)
  • Gregor von Schweinitz: "Modelling Macroeconomic Risk: The Genesis of the European Debt Crisis" (2013)

IWH Research Seminar Series

The IWH Research Seminar in Economics takes place on a Monday, 2:15 – 3:45 pm, during the lecture period.

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